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FREE Solstice Group Repatterning

The solstice is a time of celebrating light even in the darkness if you live in the Northern Hemisphere, and light overcoming darkness in the Southern Hemisphere. It is wonderful opportunity  to remember what ties us all together the gift of the energy of love in action.

   The importance of this truth comes forward in every Resonance Repatterning® session. Moving into more conscious and coherent attitudes, beliefs, and possibilities is a journey that includes going deep into the shadow to release and let go of any constriction, obstruction or disruption of energy so there can be more light and love in your life in every level: personal, relationship and business.
  Join this FREE repatterning to use your inner brilliance so that you benefit from the qualities of bringing light to areas of your life that will benefit from greater love and support.  This session will work with Water Element which focuses on being more in the flow of life where you have felt stuck or frozen.  With the completion of 2014, creating space for new possibilities in your life as you move into the new year in your wellness and well-being will be the focus of this healing and transformational session.
To find out how to register, visit : http://www.windowstotheheart.net/join-free-winter-solstice-repatterning/

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