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Summer Re-pattern Your Life for Health, Happiness and Abundance Sessions


Imagine experiencing greater health, happiness and abundance!

Imagine experiencing greater health, happiness and abundance!

Experience the benefits of  Resonance Repatterning® this summer in group sessions designed to open your heart to new possibilities by working at the physical, emotional, mental and core essence levels to create positive change.

These Re-pattern Your Life sessions are designed so you can benefit from the process anywhere on the planet starting with an online Focus Questionnaire, followed by teleconference with recording. This means that if you cannot attend the teleconference LIVE, you can listen to the recording process when it is best for you to create greater heart health, happiness, ease and possibility in your life easily and effortlessly.

Register for these sessions here with more details: http://www.windowstotheheart.net/category/repatterning/

The summer sessions begin on August 16th with 4 Aspects of the Heart* designed to work with any place in your life where you’d like to experience better connection, joy, love and discernment. *You can still listen to the recording to receive the benefits along with the Positive Actions from this 60-minute session by registering for this session  of 4 Aspects of the Heart.

The second session takes place on August 23rd with a focus on Abundance. This Re-pattern Your Life group session works with creating greater harmony and balance in your life related to your own life energy, sense of power, finances and your experience of appreciation.

Both of these sessions will include meditations and Positive Actions with recordings afterwards.  AND you when you register for one or both transformative sessions you will also receive a FREE stress reduction eBook with 6 Natural Ways to improve Relaxation and Get a Better Night Sleep.

For more about the transformative process of Resonance Repatterning:http://www.windowstotheheart.net/repatterning-2/faq/

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