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Doing and Being Sessions: Transforming Your Relationship with Time

You are invited to take part in  Doing and Being Sessions: Transforming Your Relationship with Time, a three Resonance Repatterning® session process to explore your relationship with time.  By taking part in these sessions, experience a greater sense of being present, in sync and in the natural flow of time in the face of shifts taking place in your life, and in the midst of changes happening on the planet with sessions that focus on Life Cycles, Mastering Time and adapting to seasonal change.

These sessions will benefit you in creating more sense of presence and more mindful awareness of your choices in how and where you wish to dedicate your life energy with your time. And, with that comes more freedom and opportunity to connect more deeply to your inner wisdom, Source and your own vital essence.

Having time for reflection, meditation, time to play and enjoy life are all essential needs. Without these life and spirit needs being met, it makes it more difficult to have compassion for yourself and others, or move out of the fight or flight mode of everyday living.   How you spend your time is directly related to your sense of being and doing.These sessions will begin the process of looking at what you value, how you use your energy, and what gives your life meaning.

Register by July 30th for a Summer Special Discount on all three sessions.                                                                                                       Visit Windows to the Heart Repatterning link to register here:

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