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At the Crossroads: From Resolution to Intention for the New Year

As we move into the new year we often set goals for ourselves. Traditionally referred to as resolutions, these goals are intentions with issues. In order to resolve the issues, resolutions need to look within, as well as to the past and  future to create new possibilities and opportunities. Resolutions look at change from a sense of obligation. It is more difficult to dedicate life energy to the positive features and actions for manifesting these goals without looking at the underlying truths and messages within them.  However, in doing so, they can point out the road map for where you’d like to experience change in direction in your life.  Awareness is the first key to plotting a course and creating a tangible road map for your positive intentions.

The metaphor of crossroad, fork in the road and turning point illustrate how valuable information can be gained from gathering the harvest of the year passed, and in taking the wisdom from the lessons integrated from events, relationships, joys and challenges to apply to the new year.

We must accept where we are before we know what we may become. ~  Anonymous

    The same way you would get directions at, you must first enter your starting point. The crossroad is the meeting place of your appointments with people, places and opportunities. In reflecting on 2009 you might see how some things began, resolved, remained the same, diminished, or needed letting go.

As you review the year, you see where forks in the road or decisions changed or played a role in issues and possibilities in your life. There is always a point of choice in every situation. When you resonate with the chaos of an issue, you take the fork in the road that keeps you feeling powerless, overwhelmed, hopeless or discontented. When you resonate with a new opportunity or truth uncovered in an issue that can move you in a more life enhancing direction, you take the fork in the road that offers the new possibility. When you resonate with a new possibility you experience life through a deeper connection to feeling loved and loving, joyful, centered and move through life feeling more empowered.

Finally, a turning point is created through your choice to give life and meaning to your intentions with the resources, skills, acceptance and positive actions needed to move your resolutions into the intelligent field of desire through action. Intentions without action are ” lifeless desires.”  The turning point arrives when you resonate with the life-energizing feelings, positive projections and basic life and spirit needs being met through the manifestation of your goals. In this case, you move into action from an empowered space of intention than the obligatory resolution.

  To start your journey into 2015, I’ve created an e-book that easily walks you through the beginning process for setting New Year’s Intentions. Simply sign up for my monthly newsletter to receive the free pdf download. Each of the four activities  is designed to help you save time moving from resolution to energized intention.  Get the e-book by signing up here:


About Kimberly Rex, Certified Resonance Repatterning and Life Coaching Practitoner

Kimberly is a Certified Master Life Coach, Resonance/Holographic Repatterning Practitioner and Person-Centered Expressive Therapist who helps you achieve your life goals by phone, Skype, in-person or proxy. Find out more about Resonance Repatterning and Repatterning Your Life Coaching packages in her FREE monthly newsletter with exclusive articles on conciousness science, monthly healing modalities and exclusive session offerings at


One thought on “At the Crossroads: From Resolution to Intention for the New Year

  1. Hi Kimberly,

    Love the analogy of the forks in the road. Reviewing the year from this perspective helps us see where we made choices that were helpful and not so helpful to our conscious goals. Those that were less than what we really wanted give us the opportunity to look deeper to our “hidden agenda” that keep us stuck.

    Totally get that you resonate with the “life-energizing” feelings being met through your goals. When you’re in the flow it’s much easier to continue to take the action to move you forward. The dead desires become obvious pretty quickly. Thanks for sharing.
    PS Nice to meet you on twitter and love the name of your site.

    Posted by Val | January 21, 2010, 3:32 pm

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