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Expanding Your Awareness with The Fifth Agreement

In a year that continues with many Earth changes, we are processing many challenging situations. In places where you have been shaken and pierced, lost ability to find a place to stand in the present, or been torn by inner conflict, accessing the wisdom from The Fifth Agreement helps to connect you to inner wisdom. In this place, you have greater choice in your response to life itself.

What kind of messenger are you?” Don Miguel and Jose Ruiz write in their book entitled, The Fifth Agreement.What kind of messages do you deliver yourself and to the ones you love?”

  Perceptions and imprints are tapestries of well-worn beliefs and stories that have informed imagination over time. They play a major role in defining the quality of life you experience in any challenging situation. “Are you choosing heaven or hell?” asks Don Miguel Ruiz.

When you look at the world through the eyes of the stories of the 1) victim who reacts through fear, 2) the warrior who reacts through anger or the 3) master who reacts through judgment, your experience of wellness, well-being, belonging, sense of feeling at home within and on the planet is affected. Identifying with these stories get played out in your life until it is difficult to see anything else. Left unresolved, a story continues over months, decades, and even over generations.

The Fifth Agreement: “Be skeptical, but learn to listen.” This is a direct message to look within. Take inventory of your feelings in the midst of a challenging situation you are facing. Notice your attitude, your beliefs about this situation and sense of limitations or possibilities.

The first time you learn how to dream, your belief system creates millions of little barriers to the truth. When the structure of your belief system is no longer there, you take away the barriers, and you no longer see one point of view. There are many points of view you can see at the same time. You see yourself not just from the point of being human, but from the point of view of a force. You see yourself not just as a force, but as a manifestation of that force.”(from The Fifth Agreement)

From a Resonance Repatterning® perspective, vibratory patterns are stories that have shaped your perspective on life over time. Your attitudes, beliefs and concept of time determine how you re-act or respond to challenging situations.

Feeling empowered to respond is a different solution than re-action. Response is when your message comes from a connection to the unlimited potentiality that is available to you in every present moment. In this way, the message you deliver accesses greater truth.

You can influence and change the quality of life you are experiencing through accessing, shifting and creating more optimal life energy flow in your body-mind field. This helps you to orient more naturally to love, harmony, balance, and empowerment in the present. This can be done through working any place in the time-space continuum, in your own life or generational system to create healing (wholeness).

  The Buddhist tenet, Remember who you are, and know what you do,” is a wonderful reminder. In this way, the seer initiates the process, and in so doing, becomes the peacemaker.

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About Kimberly Rex, Certified Resonance Repatterning and Life Coaching Practitoner

Kimberly is a Certified Master Life Coach, Resonance/Holographic Repatterning Practitioner and Person-Centered Expressive Therapist who helps you achieve your life goals by phone, Skype, in-person or proxy. Find out more about Resonance Repatterning and Repatterning Your Life Coaching packages in her FREE monthly newsletter with exclusive articles on conciousness science, monthly healing modalities and exclusive session offerings at


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