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Love is All You Need

 In developing sessions this past year with a group focused on the grieving process, I realized that these repatternings related to non-coherent and coherent aspects of what continues to live within the body-mind system in terms of  love, loving, and letting go. Creation, sustenance, and destruction/completion are primary forces of the living Universe.

We are continually birthing, experiencing and then releasing into the next phase of understanding or consciousness. Any relationship is fertile ground for birthing new awareness. Whether you are entering a relationship, in a long-term relationship, letting go or in grief-pain about a relationship from the past, the following aspects of internal awareness are important.

1. Inner Dialogue: The messages you give yourself can come from different places. Some messages may be from your culture, some from your family, while others might be unfinished business from an earlier relationship. Notice the repetitive thoughts, feelings and signals you experience. Learning to listen to these promptings can point you to a truth that is waiting to be discovered or healed. The love you have experienced in your life travels with you to help you realize greater compassion for yourself and others. Loving yourself with all of your issues and needs sheds greater light and awareness for your evolutionary process.      

   Rather than superimposing our non-coherent patterns on our relationships and our world, we need to create and resonate with coherent patterns. Our goal is to reach the higher frequencies of consciousness where attitudes and perceptions shift and our experience of inner and outer reality changes for the better. from Quantum Change Made Easy* by Chloe Faith Wordsworth

2. Making Space:  Everything is expressed in frequency in the Universe. Harmony and disharmony are expressed in the coherent space and entrainment with others. To express coherence and harmony, it is essential to give yourself time for regeneration and grounding so that you can offer and receive nurture in relationship. Connecting with your Higher Self in a way that brings stillness and depth is a beautiful way to absorb nurture. When you are able to resonate with inner nurture, you are much more capable of giving others your time and space in a balanced and harmonious way.

Every person, all the events of your life are there because you have drawn them there. What you choose to do with them is up to you. ~Richard Bach 

3. The Weight:   Are you taking on the weight of a relationship physically or emotionally? This can either create life-enhancing support or life-depleting impact on your body-mind system. Resonating with the taking the  benefit in a relationship, past or present, can help create more life-enhancing energy. When patterns from previous relationships limit your ability to take love in the present, or cause conflict with a new partner, it adds a burden to the new relationship.

  “He/She has a lot of baggage,” is more than a cliché. The weight is literally felt at the energetic level. The undercurrent of unresolved emotions, blame, criticism, grief and/or victim-stance can literally drown a relationship. Bringing unresolved chaos to a new relationship makes it difficult to experience nurture and support.

The weight that is carried through guilt, anger, sadness, depression, and “would have, could have, should have” create a weight in your life. Pain is a disruption or blockage of life energy. Gaining access to the underlying wisdom of the material from the past helps you to become aware of the patterns in your life that are asking for compassion. Making space for this in your life allows the process to create greater wholeness which when offered in a new relationship allows greater love and presence.  Each relationship when viewed through the lens of evolutionary process and compassion builds greater self-awareness and esteem.

Every problem has a gift for you in its hand. ~Richard Bach

4. Giving Meaning to Your Process: Resonating with a connection to love through your inner architecture of spirit in action in your life in your vital energy and ancestral line can help to heal the present and future of your life and relationship no matter what you have experienced in the past. Every possible moment is available in the now.Making peace with your own unfinished business creates greater meaning for your life, and helps you to acknowledge that every person you have spent time with has been an important appointment, and had something to teach you. Resonating with this perspective helps you to give value to your life experiences and resonate with the benefit of your connection to support from the Universe, itself.

It is a co-creative process. You are supported in every moment in your relationship with the Universe. In each breath of unconditional love into your body-mind system, energy sustains your vital life energy, and then completes with a letting go of what ever is no longer needed. Life is energy in motion. Get in touch with what would support your health, your attitude, your vision of life, and take action. Find ways to restore and nourish your life with practices that support wholeness. Take inventory of activities and situations that are life-depleting. Get support for making positive changes as you let go and shift what needs healing in your life. Take the love in your relationship with yourself and all your experiences. Nurture your life!

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