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What Can the “Year of the Horse” Teach Us About Personal Use of Power?


Horse power is a term still used today to register the amount of power of an engine or machine. The original meaning was related to how much power one horse could produce.  On the Native American Medicine Wheel, horse medicine works with the personal use of power.

Knowing that the Chinese astrological year just began, this article will address the Native American Wheel meaning ,and give an introduction to the forthcoming Chinese Year of the Green Horse details with an emphasis on how the elements of both wheels have something to teach about envisioning and balancing use of personal power.

Horse medicine is related to power in all its aspects. The four cardinal directions have both color and meaning in relation to the coherent and non-coherent aspects of its use.

Horses of the Four Directions   Black Stallion is associated with the West. The medicine of working with your dreams and using the darkness of this time in a way to empower your vision with integrating lessons, synchronicity, and insights you receive from your life, sleep and your experience. It’s important to be sure that you get ample sleep to balance your life with activity. Non-coherent misuse of your own life energy or power leads to exhaustion. The message from black stallion is to also trust your inner vision when you are walking the path. The message from this position is to know that the cycle of life requires change. Acknowledge your need for nourishment, and trust your gut!

Time is more than money. Time is life, and time is love.~ Thich Nhat Hanh

Yellow stallion is associated with the South, and is associated with illumination. This happens when you allow yourself to listen to others, learn something new, stretch your experience to take in more information, and make it meaningful. This can also be a place where you share information, teach, and give value to what you have to offer by teaching, publishing, painting, or expanding horizons of others. In this place it is also a message about connecting to Mother Earth through caring for her and all of your relations.

Red stallion speaks of the need for balancing life with joy and humor. Your relationships and your health depend on finding the balance between work and play. It is also reminder that you can keep the capacity of your life energy and attitude of “half full” over “half empty” by being conscious of your need to be able to recharge, spend time with those you love and remind yourself of the gratitude you have for life itself all around you to keep yourself feeling empowered. It is a message about taking care of your vertical axis and connecting to source. It is physically a reminder to recharge by taking in light from the sun. Get out into natural sunlight everyday. It is both energizing and mood-enhancing!

White Stallion represents wisdom. “ No abuse of power will ever lead to wisdom,” In wisdom you understand that power is not given lightly but awarded to those who are willing to carry responsibility in a balanced manner.”~Sams and Carson, Medicine Cards

The word responsibility comes from the root word “respond.” To be able to respond to situations in your life rather than over reacting comes from a place of inner freedom and choice that embodies coherent power. This especially applies when you feel disrespected or dealing with others who are abusing their power.

“An enormous jump — taking back one’s own power — is completed at this level [Acceptance], with the realization that the source of happiness is within oneself. At this more evolved stage, nothing “out there” has the capacity to make one happy, and love isn’t something that’s given or taken away by another, but is created from within. This level is not to be confused with passivity, which is a symptom of apathy. Acceptance allows engagement in life on life’s own terms, without trying to make it conform to an agenda.” ~David Hawkins, from Power vs. Force

 Have you ever seen a horse after it has been frightened or irritated by something? It runs and shakes out the tension. It is important to be able to receive and let go, to connect to the breath of life, to move the e-motions, and to be able to acknowledge your feelings of fear, anger, and grief when they come up. It is important to allow them to have a place and to listen to your body so you can transform these feelings with support both lovingly and mindfully. Give yourself permission to receive support. To respond from a place of acceptance, compassion and non-violence breaks the cycle of victim-perpetrator.

Trusting the Path

Trusting the Path

The Chinese Green Wood Horse deals directly with Wood Element from the Chinese Five Element System. This element works with vision, and decision-making related to clearing the inner material that keeps you from moving forward in your life with greater optimism and sense of direction. Wood Element is related to new beginnings, green and spring. It relates physically to your liver, gall bladder and eyes. There can be imbalance when you feel your only option is  to change another person or situation without first looking within to the places in your own life that need change. This leads to frustration  that limits your vision or ability to experience new possibilities.

 Horse medicine is an invitation to take a deeper look, and to give more time and space to these matters so you experience life more vibrantly.


About Kimberly Rex, Certified Resonance Repatterning and Life Coaching Practitoner

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