Windows to the Heart Repatterning is a website that works with natural and energetic modalities to create a greater sense of well-being in your life. Resonance Repatterning® sessions quickly get to the heart of any issue in your life. Experience personal and group sessions, as well as Repattern Your Life Coaching packages. Sessions with Kimberly Rex, MS benefit you in letting go of material that no longer serves you to  experience success with your positive intentions. This can be done by phone or in-person!

Working with consciousness science, color, light, sound, movement, breath, fragrance, and energetic balancing, each session is tailored to your needs to create what you need most. With universal disciplines including Chinese Medicine, Polarity Therapy, Family Systems, color, light, sound, movement, fragrance and energetic balancing,
sessions draw on the innate wisdom of your body to energize shifts and restoration of life energy.

Resonance Repatterning works any place on the time-space continuum. A client recently likened the process to  “energetic forensics” because it pinpoints information with laser-like accuracy.

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How this works:  Everything in the Universe has a frequency. That means that every thought, emotion, problem, and intention has a frequency. Every muscle, tissue and gland has a frequency as well.  With the Resonance Repatterning System we can measure the frequency of  the issues you’d like to shift along with their underlying content down to the most core level.

When you change at the most core level of the Unified Field, your bio-energetic system then realign to create a new way of resonating (where you dedicate your life energy). It’s like tuning and changing the channel of a radio station to the one you’d like to enjoy. A session gets you on the station you would like to be resonating with clearly and with more life energy available and dedicated to your positive intentions!

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