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Listen to International Day of Peace Repatterning

Windows to the Heart Repatterning personally invites you to listen to this FREE Resonance Repatterning® session recorded on Peace Day, September, 21, 2017 . You will receive the benefits of this session by listening to the recording including meditations, process and natural Positive Actions.  To create greater coherence in the global field that affects each and every one … Continue reading

Protect the Earth: An Earth Day Repatterning on April 22, 2017

  How to Take Part in  Protect the Earth: An Earth Day Repatterning Session This 60-minute virtual group Resonance Repatterning® session will take place on April 22, 2017 at 10 AM Pacific and I PM Eastern time.  When you register, you will receive a link to a personal focus questionnaire to add your voice to protect the … Continue reading

Take Part in Three March Virtual Group Repatternings

I’d like to personally invite you to three 60-minute virtual group Resonance Repatterning® sessions in the month of March.  These sessions are accessible all over the planet via a personal focus questionnaire, teleconference, and recording to listen to at your leisure. This means if you cannot attend LIVE, you certainly can get the benefit of these … Continue reading

Together We Can: Virtual Group Repatterning Sessions to Change the World

If you have been asking, “What can I do to create positive change in the world?” then I invite you to take part in a series of Resonance Repatterning virtual group sessions where you can state your intentions, identify issues, problems and solutions to this question.  This cutting edge transformation process has the  ability to create … Continue reading

Repattern Your Life for Wellness and Well-being in 2017

Windows to the Heart Repatterning is offering  monthly virtual group sessions with a focus on creating harmony and balance within as you repattern your life for wellness and well-being in 2017 no matter where you live or what is going in your life! This process will focus on natural ways to get in sync with the  rhythm of  … Continue reading

Acceptance in the Process of Transformation

   Acceptance in the process of transformation is as important as setting goals. Many times, this word can be confused with passivity. However, paired with insight and awareness, it is a beneficial tool for positive change. “Would of, Could of, Should of”  This saying speaks to the place in your thinking where your upset about what … Continue reading

Listen to International Day of Peace Repatterning

Windows to the Heart Repatterning personally invites you to listen to  this FREE Resonance Repatterning® session  on September, 21, 2015 by adding your intentions and voice for personal and global positive change. This 60-minute session  was recorded for those who could not attend LIVE, and works with the fact that we are all connected at … Continue reading

Doing and Being Sessions: Transforming Your Relationship with Time

Take part in culminating session of Doing and Being Sessions: Transforming Your Relationship with Time, a Resonance Repatterning® session process to explore your relationship with time.  By taking part in this  session, experience a greater sense of being present, in sync and in the natural flow of time in the face of shifts taking place in your life, … Continue reading

After a Hot Summer Day Outside: A Natural Healing Bath

After a day on the beach or the great outdoors, you might come home with more than just a tan. Protecting your skin before you go out as well as afterward is important. If you’ve come home with a sunburn, Poison Ivy or insect bites, taking a warm natural, healing bath for your skin will … Continue reading

Happy Summer Solstice and Father’s Day!

Happy Summer Solstice and Father’s Day! As we begin summer, we are also entering Fire Element based on the Chinese Five Element and Meridian System. Fire Element relates to your heart on the physical, emotional, mental and spirit levels. Listen to this meditation  mp3 to move into your heart more deeply. Send love to yourself, … Continue reading

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